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Marmarth Research Foundation: In the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota

Marmarth Research Foundation

In the Hell Creek formation of North Dakota

Dinosaur Field Expeditions

The Marmarth Research Foundation is conducting five weeks of research activity in 2014 and is accepting applications from volunteers to assist with the project. The work will take place on private land in Southwest North Dakota and Eastern Montana. (Visit for information about the region.) Three meals a day, lodging, a t-shirt, transportation to and from the sites, and all equipment are included in the MRF field program.
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Dates and Particulars

The project will begin on Saturday June 28 and run for five weeks. Minimum participation is one week.
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Field Laboratory

MRF is unique in that it provides the opportunity to learn both field and preparation techniques. Our natually-lit field laboratory is only a short walk from the dormitories, and a few miles away from the excavation sites themselves. Interested participants can learn casting and molding techniques from molding technician Doug Hanks.
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New Lab Construction

In 2009, MRF began construction on a new lab. See photos...

"It was the adventure of a lifetime!"

Bob Gross
Retired Swarthmore College Dean

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Eubaena skull
Turtle Graveyard Excavation, 2002
Hell Creek Formation

Eubaena skull
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It was the adventure of a lifetime!

Bob Gross
Retired Swarthmore College Dean

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