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Marmarth Research Foundation: In the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota

Marmarth Research Foundation

In the Hell Creek formation of North Dakota

News Headlines

Anzu wyliei, the 'chicken' from Hell (Creek), captivates the world

March 26, 2014

A new dinosaur, crested and probably feathered, is described by MRF founder Tyler Lyson, et al. More at NPR and BBC.

Animation: Turtle Girdle Evolution

January 5, 2014

A new animation has been published based on the work of Dr. Tyler Lyson of the Smithsonian Institution. Watch it here. It shows how the bone at the front and center of the turtle shell is derived from paired shoulder girdle bones (cleithra, blue). More information about this research can be found in a 2013 article by Tyler Lyson et al.

Animation: How the turtle got its shell

January 5, 2014

Don't ask Rudyard Kipling. Ask MRF Director Tyler Lyson. A new animation shows the evolution of the turtle shell based on developmental and fossil data and work by Dr. Lyson. The animation shows how various fossils, particularly Eunotosaurus and Odontochelys, bridge the morphological gap between a generalized animal body plan to the highly modified body plan found in living turtles. There is also a cool illustrated version. More information on this research can be found in a 2013 article by Dr. Lyson et al.


"The Day the Mesozoic Died" New Documentary

January 3, 2014

The Marmarth Research Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have made a documentary, "The Day the Mesozoic Died," detailing how scientists figure out what killed the dinosaurs. Watch the full interview with Tyler Lyson.


"How the Earth Works - Asteroid Armageddon" Documentary now online

January 3, 2014

Dr. Tyler Lyson and the Marmarth Research Foundation worked with the Science Channel on their series entitled "How the Earth Works - Asteroid Armageddon." Watch the full documentary... [The stream is not currently available outside the US. It may be possible to view it using a video proxy plugin.]

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